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About us

For us, making the perfect cup of coffee is only the first step. DUX is about leading, about being best in class. And to do that takes a lot more than a cup of coffee. It’s the quality of the beans. It’s the pour, the ingredients, the location… the setting. It’s flavours that are local. It’s community-partnering.  And to top it off, it’s a focus on bringing you service that you remember long after your last sip.

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We’re doing good by local businesses to raise the standard of what a coffee bar should be. And we don’t stop there. We know that premium takes precision. From timing to temperature, we make sure each step is exactly the way it should be.

We started with a desire for a delicious cup of coffee, and once we had that, we kept working. We worked on everything else that comes with your coffee routine to bring nothing but the best. Because if you’re going to serve the most consumed beverage outside of water – you’ve got to take it to the top.


Our strategic training partner in our quest for perfection - the Melbourne Coffee Academy.


Our beans are sourced from the Dukes Coffee, among the best roasters in Australia.


Our range of delicious pastries and sweet treats by Cobb Lane are the perfect accompaniment to your daily brew.